Over the weekend, it became official. Cardi B was carrying the son of Offset, dramatically revealing her pregnant physique on the nationwide SNL stage. While the news was well-received by the hip-hop community, including the ever-trolling curmudgeon 50 Cent, nobody was more pleased than Cardi's own flesh and blood. Her sister Hennessy Carolina, who some might recall from Love And Hip-Hop season 7, opened up with an emotional response to the growth of her family tree. 

A baby is truly a blessing from god I know how much you always wanted to be a mom! You always been Like a second mom to me so I know u gonna be the best mommy everrrr," writes Hennessy. "you took care of me like i was ur own daughter I know how much you LOVE babies." Clearly the love was ever-present in the Cardi household, with the Invasion Of Privacy superstar apparently exhibiting maternal quality as far back as the infant stages.

She seems pretty excited about the idea of becoming an auntie, writing "I’m going to be able to hold ur baby and give the baby all the kisses and hugs! your pregnancy is mines we pregnant can’t believe we’re having a baby!" As of now, it's unclear what Cardi and Offset might be planning on naming their unborn child. My bet is on the only logical choice of Patek Philippe. Naturally, Cardi B's pregnancy will no doubt emerge as one of 2018's most divisive narratives; still, congratulations are in order to both Cardi and Offset.