Cardi B hasn't stopped grinding since giving birth to her first child. The rapper shared how juggling family and her career has been challenging. She's been hitting the studio consistently, making appearances at industry events and shooting music videos while also taking care of her daughter, Kulture. After handling a performance during Milan Fashion Week, the breakout star was back on American soil for her first big concert performance as a new mother.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper rocked the stage during the Global Citizen Festival. She brought her signature brand of funny onstage but this time, the humor might have been leveraged to help with her jitters. Cardi joked about how anxious. She asked the Central Park crowd how they were feeling. When they responded with cheers, she replied:

"Good, cause I'm nervous. I'm nervous, I'm sweaty, having a nervous breakdown. But it's alright 'cause I'm here tryna change the world."

After her little confession, she went straight to a place of comfort: twerking.

Before the performance, Cardi recorded herself on the way to the venue expressing why she was participating in the event despite her hectic schedule.

"I am tired, I did a music video yesterday. And I finished at 5 o'clock in the morning. But I don't give a f*ck. Y'all know how much I'm getting paid for this concert, though? Zero dollars."

She says that this is one of the ways she is "helping the world."