First it was Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart; now, if Cardi B has her way, she'll reach the apex of the Latin charts as well with this new collaboration.

The Bodak Yellow rapper took to Instagram earlier today (November 7th) to preview an unreleased song that she's seemingly finished recording with Latin hitmaker Ozuna. Titled "LA Modelo," the track will feature some familiar-sounding trap beats for fans of Cardi's better-known straight hip-hop work, but will also showcase a different side to the emcee than we've seen previously. In the video clip that she shared on social media, hers is unmistakably the female voice on the record and, at least in the snippet that was heard, Cardi's lyrics are all delivered in Spanish, which puts her in uncharted territory thus far in her career. Check out the Instagram footage below.

Dubbing it "Spanish Trap," Cardi B captioned the video by writing: "SURPRISE!!! Me & @ozunapr colab!!! Coming soon On Trap cartel Ozuna album this hit is called “LA MODELO” ,”THE MODEL." There's no word on when exactly the single will drop, nor if Cardi has any other featured spots on the album, but regardless, this is a very interesting move for the "Bodak" rapper. There's no doubt that the runaway success of her flagship track has afforded her the opportunity to work with artists and put her name on some records that, even a year ago, seemed like a long shot at best. That being said, the enormity of this potential hit cannot be underestimated. Like Jennifer Lopez, if Cardi can succeed in the Spanish-language market, there's no telling what level of fame she can attain next.

There's no doubt that Cardi B is about getting her money, which is why she only played two songs at a New Orleans club after promoters tried to sneak out on paying her. “I know I’m a girl, but a n***a is not gonna f**king play me,” she said in response to the incident. “Now, the reason I came in is cause I love my fans. So, out of courtesy of me, I’m gonna perform two songs, ‘cause I really love y’all. But, I hate when n***s try to f**king play me."