With Sweden catching a bum rap in the hip-hop community over their treatment of A$AP Rocky, many artists have responded in kind with threats of a musical boycott. Yet Cardi B appears willing to forgive and forget, as her Swedish fans have done nothing to deserve a cold-turkey withdrawal from her presence. TMZ gleaned as much during a recent encounter outside the Prada store.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

"Are we going to ban Sweden right now?" asks the cameraman, as Cardi navigates her way through a throng of adoring fans. "I'm not going to ban a country that showed me so much love, but they do need to free A$AP Rocky." The cameraman proceeds to allude to Quavo's recent story of his own unfortunate experience with Swedish police, asking whether Offset was indeed present for that. Cardi's perplexed expression says it all: "I don't even know what you're talking about."

Clearly, Cardi has no intention of turning her back on Swedish fans, especially given that they've been showing her nothing but love. That hasn't stopped several artists from canceling their own concerts in protest, including Tyler, The Creator, ScHoolboy Q, EarthGang, and Tyga. Of course, her decision will likely cause certain negative-types to feel some type of way, as Cardi has always been a lightning rod for disdain. Yet as the video clearly reveals, so too is she loved, almost alarmingly so. Boycott or not, it's still Free Rocky!