This morning, Cardi B posted a Boomerang of her shaking her butt in a tight snake-print dress. If you look beyond that distraction, there's a plaque resting above a fireplace with a list of female MCs - including Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, Lil' Kim - and at the bottom of said list, lies the name of Cardi B. Although it's hard to make out, the word "grammy" can be seen below it, revealing that this collection of iconic rappers share being Grammy winners in common. Perhaps Cardi took a dive into the murky depths of the comments section and reached the pool of negativity that usually lies there because a few hours later, she went on a multiple-tweet rant about how she deserves to be on that list.

In the thread, she details the grueling process she had to endure to create her debut studio album, Invasion of Privacy, which won Best Rap Album at the Grammys last year. The process was largely complicated by the sickness caused by her pregnancy, the loss of her manager (and consequently her recording studio), and the noise of her detractors. While Cardi already angrily shared all of this info the day after she won the award - when she faced the same criticism of unworthiness - she confessed this time that many artists in the industry either declined to be featured on her album, or charged her exorbitant amounts that her debut to did not have the budget to afford. Luckily, her husband, Offset came in the clutch and made some phone calls, which secured some big names for the album. 

Read Cardi's full testimony below. 

"On my album I showed different sides of me.From my intro talking about my pass.To living my best life inspiring people.Relationship songs while I was going thru my own relationship drama to shaking ass like Bodak & that ASS .Every song went platinum! I did it all while I was pregnant.Throwing up, drowsy,terrible colds and in a rush to finish it so I can start doing music videos before I started showing .I spend 24 hours for months sleeping on a couch with my pregnant depressed ass in a studio . I wasn’t even thinking of winning or even the Grammies. All I can think about was ...everybody is disappointed in me,am I still going to have a career after this baby ? Is this album going to make me or break me ? I need to finish before I start showing . All while I just separated from my long time manager.I had to get my husband to talk to my label cause I never had a relationship with them so we all came together to relocate me to Atlanta and Miami to finish my album before my stomach start showing. When i kept seeing the certifications of the songs going gold or platinum I was so excited cause my husband was out here asking everybody for a feature on my behalf so the ones that said yes thank you from the bottom of my heart cause TRUST ME ALOT OF ARTIST SAID NO! OR CHARGING 6 figures for a feature. So when I won a Grammy for it I didn’t have no words to say but when I went home I started reminiscing on what I went thru during that period I was like YEA BITCH YOU DESERVE THIS SHIT !abd until this day my shit still charting . When I won Nipsey said on a comment to me WHEN IS YOUR TIME IS YOUR TIME! Now when I speak to upcoming artist or people who ask me for advice I tell them the same thing ! WHEN IS YOUR TIME IS YOUR TIME and when it comes don’t let nobody take that special moment away from you !"