Cardi B is not one to hold back. Her mind is always filled with wild thoughts and she makes sure to let the world hear them, even if they're a little disgusting at times. After yesterday's declaration, we know that Cardi constantly hears voices in her head, which she explained is the reason why she looks at people the wrong way sometimes. Today's she's got a big smile on her face though because she's the new owner of a few iHeartRadio awards after last night's ceremony. She ended up taking home four awards and she made sure to show off just how ecstatic she was when she found out.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

The "Please Me" rapper posted a video of herself hitting the splits and bouncing up and down while performing on stage. She told fans that she's in the best possible mood after her wins. However, she does have one question on her mind. "I don’t understand why when I perform my splits ain’t A1 but sooo perfect on the D?" asked the singer. Another day, another TMI moment from Cardi B.

Offset shared his reaction to her big night, reminding everybody that he predicted her current success. Offset also revealed that a new collaborative album with 21 Savage is in the works, unfortunately delaying Culture III until next year though.