Cardi B has come through with another public service announcement and this time it's aimed at people who have had the pleasure of meeting her, but thought she was standoffish or rude. According to the "Get Up 10" rapper her nonchalant manner is because she's usually always having a conversation with herself in her head. “Hey ya’ll, so I’m having a problem right, like a lot of people be saying ‘Oh I met Cardi B and I don’t know if she like me or not because she was looking at me like if I’m crazy …’ but that’s not the problem,” she said. 

“Like, you could be talking to me and the voice in my head … will start asking me questions like, ‘Hey what happened to that green Balenciaga shirt that you wore the other day?’ And then I’ll reply back in my head like, ‘I don’t know bitch. I think I left it at my grandma’s house,'" she added, as seen in the clip below.

So while you may be explaining something to Cardi B, her auto-pilot reactions are due to a possible debate her inner thoughts are going through.

“I’m really not paying attention because the voice in my head is fucking talking to me,” she said. “I don’t know if that shit happen to people, that shit be happening to me, so I just be looking at you [with a look] ’cause … I’m having a whole conversation in my fucking thoughts. That’s why."

And there you have it.