One very smart Girl Scout hit the nail on the head when it came to smart marketing for the delicious cookies she has to sell. The official twitter account for the youth organization for girls shared a video of one their scouts remixing Cardi B's Platinum record "Money" into a cute rendition of her own about having cookies up to the roof in flavors of Thin Mints and s'mores. 

As seen in the clip below, 10-year-old Kiki Paschall sits in the middle of stacks of cookies to make the mini video that much more real. "Been in this game since 2014, selling them cookies is my thing," she raps. "Buy Thin Mints or even s'mores. Please open up when I knock on your door. Woo!"

Kiki's mom helped her write and shoot the video and told Good Morning America just how excited her daughter was. "I don't have a regular 9-to-5, so I can't sell cookies in the office. I said, 'You love doing it anyway, so let's just make a music video," she said. 

That fact that Cardi B even shouted out Kiki made the project even more special. "I want all the cookieshh,” Cardi B wrote in response the clip.