Who wore it better? Nicki Minaj or Cardi B? While Nicki Minaj has tried out a bunch of different eccentric hairstyles over the course of her career, one has defined her for years: her long bob with the bangs. Sure, a look cannot be exclusive to one person but, given the history that Cardi B has with Nicki Minaj, you would think she would try to stray away from anything that her rival has ever touched. A number of her fans were surprised upon opening up their social media feeds, seeing their hero rocking a near-identical haircut to Minaj and looking just like the Queen in a new video.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Aside from the nose ring, you could have fooled us this morning when we saw Cardi B sticking out her tongue to her millions of followers. The star showed off her angles, feeling herself and inviting everyone to comment on their thoughts but what she wasn't expecting was a barrage of people saying that she looks just like Nicki Minaj. The two women don't necessarily share too many facial characteristics so it's surprising to see how similar they look here. Placing them side-to-side, you'll notice what we're saying.

Who do you think wore the hairstyle better? Cardi or Nicki? Or do they both look bomb?