Cardi B's Invasion Of Privacy was a highlight of 2018. The daunting and dangerous rapper struck down with force on her debut album, spawning multiple number one records and earning her the crown over New York. Invasion Of Privacy made several end of the year lists, and was recently nominated for four Grammys. Rap Album of the Year, Album Of the Year,  Record of The Year (I Like), and Best Rap Performance (Be Careful) are huge nods, especially the coveted overall Album category. That's without mentioning Cardi's fifth nomination for her collaboration with Maroon 5 on "Girls Like You."

Early in the Summer, Cardi promised that she would bless fans with an extended version of Invasion of Privacy that would include unreleased songs. It appears that she is halfway delivering her promise, as HHNM reports that Amazon UK is already offering pre-orders for the deluxe edition. The singles  “Money” and “Press" have been added as additional songs, but Cardi already released the former (and is expected to drop off a video for it). "Press," on the other hand, was teased on Cardi's social media, so at least fans will have one song that has yet to be heard in full CDQ. The album will reportedly be available January 25th.