Her debut album Invasion of Privacy earned Cardi B top honors at the 61st Grammy Awards in 2019 for Best Rap Album, and fans have been waiting for the Bronx rapper's followup. It's been nearly two years since Cardi shared her debut effort, but she's been hinting that her sophomore record will drop sometime this year. 

Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

She recently sat down with Baller Alert to share a few more details about her next project, revealing that she's still waiting on a few more tracks to round things out. "I have my cool, calm, and collective songs. Just missing a couple of more club hits, but we getting there," she revealed. When asked about a potential release date, she said she didn't know. "I'm not sure, I can never put a date on it," she stated. "When you feel like you got those songs that's when it's gonna come out. I cannot put a date on my ears. When I feel like I have it, that's when."

The rapper also talked to the outlet about Kulture, revealing that "Clout" is her toddler's favorite song. "When she sees the video she's like, 'Dada, mommy.' It's the cutest thing." Then, in true Baller Alert fashion, the publication asked the rapper to give advice on how to snag a baller. She didn't say anything but showed off her neck. No one understood what she meant, but then she said, "You see the longitude?" Everyone laughed as they then got that she was referring to the depth of her throat.

Moving on swiftly, she also gave advice to new artists who may be inspired by her success: Always get a lawyer. No matter how broke you think you are, invest in a lawyer before making any deals. Watch her clip below.