Most casual music fans would be forgiven if they didn't know who Cardi B was up until a few months ago. Her track "Bodak Yellow" has become an unstoppable force on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, cracking the Top Ten last week by moving up to the No. 8 spot. That kind of elite accomplishment hasn't been done by an unassisted female emcee on a single since Nicki Minaj boasted a similarly monstrous hit with "Anaconda." Cardi's sudden rise to prominence has led to some questioning whether her current status as one of hip-hop's biggest names is totally on merit or if there's more than a healthy dose of luck involved. Well, in a new video she shared on social media, the rapper wants people to know how hard she's worked for this.

"Y'all think that, 'Oh, [Bodak Yellow] came out and it was just that easy'," reflected Cardi. "I've been really hustling for my career since I was 21 my n****." She goes on to detail how she used to go on podcasts with few listeners, roll up to radio station and beg the DJ's to play her music and even agree to perform in many "ratchet" clubs across the United States, all for the sake of turning up for her true fans and proving that she could build a following. She also mentions how she's gotten snubbed by some of her favorite artists (although she wouldn't say who) when she asked for a feature and has been offered record deals for paltry sums of money - all things that she considers just part of the journey. However, it doesn't sound like she's ready to forgive or forget.

"I've been really hustling for this motherf**king s**t," she exclaimed at the end of the video. "This s**t wasn't given to me bitch." Strong words from Cardi to be sure, but this isn't the first time she's expressed frustration with fair weather fans or even celebrities who all of a sudden want to be her friend just because she's now reached a certain level of fame. Remember the mystery woman she called out? I'm pretty sure Cardi B has a long list of people she'd like to say similar words about, or at least it sounds that way, given her disposition in this new Instagram video.