Unfortunately, Canadian fans in Edmonton, Alberta will not be granted a Cardi B concert next month. The venue had previously announced that the rap starlet's upcoming show was canceled due to "personal reasons." While speculation and disappointment were high for the fans looking forward to seeing the Bronx rapper live, Cardi has cleared up the true basis of the cancellation. The "Bodak Yellow" songstress was slated to perform at the Shaw Conference Centre in Western Canada, and Cardi explained in a since-deleted Instagram post that the show was canceled due to an issue with payment.

The star elaborated in her post, saying, "You gave money to somebody who perpetrated to be somebody that i [sic] know that don’t even work for me. Its very unfortunate and sad but ya got jinked." There's no mention of how much cash was wired to the wrong person, but it was enough for the show to be canceled altogether. Cardi is advising the promoter to not throw her under the bus for alleged "personal reasons" when they were, in fact, in the wrong.

While unfortunate for fans that had purchased tickets to the event, full refunds are being issued to their original methods of payment. Staying true to her "no-filter" attitude and unrestrained nature, Cardi is not holding back, letting her supporters know the authentic reason for the unfortunate annulment of the live show, calling fake news on the venue and letting the truth come out.