One thing Cardi B has also emphasized is that no matter what career she chooses, she's a hustler. The acclaimed rapper has been utilizing her time wisely and recently, her Megan Thee Stallion-assisted single "WAP" reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts. Her fans are constantly looking for new and inventive ways to capture her attention, including one person who has been consistently giving her money on OnlyFans. The person shared a screenshot of their tips, all of which were in $100 increments. "@iamcardib is $800 not enough to notice me we love youu," the person wrote alongside their photo.

Cardi B, OnlyFans, Tips, Twitter
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

Cardi took notice and retweeted the image with the message, "Hi baby." While this is sure to make the fan's day, others weren't so quick to give their congratulatory remarks. Some cited that OnlyFans used to be placed where non-celebrities could build a loyal following and earn money, especially through the pandemic, but now it's been overrun by celebrities who have stolen attention.

Bella Thorne's recent actions on the website caused OnlyFans to completely change their policies. The actress teased nudes but when fans paid money to see her photos, it wasn't what buyers expected. She amassed millions of dollars in days, and Bella was heavily criticized for her actions by her admirers and OnlyFans creators who could no longer access their money when needed. Check out a few disapproving responses of Cardi B below.