While Drakeembraces the memes, Cardi B is trying to dodge becoming a GIF. According to TMZ, Cardi B's filed a request to the judge asking to have her upcoming deposition video made private. The upcoming deposition is related to the lawsuit filed by her former manager Shaft. Cardi's concerned that her private information like financial documents and details about her life would be made public and inevitably become a headline. Her lawyers argued that she's a public figure so she's left unguarded in the public eye. 

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images 

What's more interesting about their request is that Cardi's team is also concerned that clips from her deposition will be turned into memes. They said if the video or information gets out "it is highly likely that any such video will be reproduced and edited (and possibly manipulated) into out-of-context video clips and GIFs of her testimony." At this point, the judge hasn't made a decision whether or not they could have a protective order on her deposition video. Cardi's deposition is scheduled for the second week of August. 

Shaft sued Cardi for $10 on claims that he essentially made the rapper into what she is today. He also claimed that he had a major role in "Bodak Yellow," using his personal connections and team of writers helped create the song. Cardi countersued claiming that Shaft set her up for a lopsided management deal and was way too controlling.