Even when he isn't trying, Drake blesses us with some of the greatest memes. There's an argument to be made that Drake is actually the greatest meme rapper to ever live, but that's for another day. The rapper recently linked up with Chris Brown for the visuals for their single, "No Guidance," the long-awaited collaboration between two former enemies. Like anything else Drake does, a meme was spawned and circulated across all social media platforms. The rapper has embraced it, though. He shared the two-second clip on his social media account while painting a picture of the women he usually dates. "Her: Oh yeah I been before cause one of my guy friends lives out there. Me:" he captioned the post. Although a superstar, Drake's still as petty as the rest of us.


Aside from meme-ing himself on Instagram, the rapper's still making some big power moves. Earlier this week, it was announced the Drake teamed up with LeBron James for the Canadian arm of Uninterrupted. The two will be bringing more video content to Canadian viewers. "Uninterrupted has been an incredible platform for athletes to tell their stories and connect with fans. I’m honored to partner with LeBron to bring Uninterrupted to Canada, a country that continuously supports innovation and creativity," the rapper said in a statement. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on that.