On the court, they may be working for different teams but in real life, Drake and LeBron James are good friends and business partners. Drake owns a stake in the Toronto Raptors and he was ecstatic to welcome the city's first-ever basketball championship this past season. As for LeBron James, his Los Angeles Lakers enjoyed a successful offseason, trading for Anthony Davis and signing some key role players. Bron has been committed to expanding his empire outside of hoops, moving over to video networks while he still balls out at the highest level. He's setting himself up for retirement and now, his Uninterrupted network has just expanded through a partnership with Drake, reaching the Canadian market.

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, Drake has officially become a part-owner and promoter of Uninterrupted Canada, which is the service LeBron established to give athletes a direct line to speak to their fans. Uninterrupted Canada is set to give athletes a chance to speak about what they love outside of sports, which is something that veteran sports broadcaster Scott Moore detailed when describing the venture. "These are incredibly driven people who often have deep passions for things other than what sport they play," said Moore.

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Future segments will include a look into Serge Ibaka's work with Holt Renfrew in creating a fashion line, as well as a motivational series with Marcus Stroman. 

LeBron James is expanding his business ties and he's choosing the right people to grow with. What do you think of this?