Tory Lanez released DAYSTAR, his latest studio album, on Friday, just days after the Breonna Taylor decision was announced. At a time when many are grieving and protesting the injustice of a young Black woman who was shot and killed by law enforcement, many believed it was an ill time for him to have released an entire project deflecting allegations that he shot Megan Thee Stallion

The release of DAYSTAR was met with mixed reactions. A few people have welcomed Tory's side of the story while many others slammed him for trying to gaslight Meg. Rick Ross and plenty of other celebrities emerged to disavow Tory's timing including Bun B. As a prominent figure who was extremely vocal about the Breonna Taylor case, he reposted something of Mysonne's expressing his disappointment in Tory and the lack of protection for Black women.

"First Daniel Cameron gives that Bullshit Decision about Brenna Taylor Murders, NOW Tory Lanez Makes a Dis Record about Megan after he shot her... Black Men We Gotta Do Better," it reads.

If you recall, the Houston legend stood up for Meg immediately after the "Hot Girl Summer" rapper claimed Tory as the shooter. 

"Tory Lanez, and I don't care if this go viral or none of that shit, I'm from Houston. If somebody would have done something to Megan in this city we would have rolled," he said. "f the man on drugs, get him some goddamn rehab. If the man got mental health issues, get him some therapy. But you not gon' sit here and shoot this girl and we not gon' say nothing. That shit not real n***a shit. It's not. Anytime a man hurts a woman, that's obsession. That ain't love. He had no reason to shoot this girl."

After Tory faced backlash for the project's release, his team stepped forward to reveal that a portion of the proceeds made from DAYSTAR will go towards the Breonna Taylor foundation. 

Check Bun B's post below.