Throughout his career, Bow Wow has never had trouble finding a girl. The rapper/actor has been romantically linked to some big names, including Ciara, Kiyomi Leslie, Erica Mena, and others. He knows that when something goes wrong with one of his female friends, another woman is just a phone call away from arriving at his crib. Growing up in the spotlight, Shad Moss has had to learn how to properly behave in front of us all, which hasn't always worked out for him. Despite him now being in his thirties, Moss is known to act out from time to time. His most recent outburst stems from a while ago when he was recorded talking shit about his ex-girlfriend Ciara. The audio made its way out and since then, T.I. and Nelly have confronted him about it, staging an intervention for the artist. His relationship status has been muddy since his last break-up but it would seem as though Bow has already got himself a new girl, posing with her for a few videos on social media.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The artist attended a concert this week and in a couple of posts to Instagram, he could be seen cozying up to a new lady, grabbing her tightly from behind and passionately dancing with her. The videos were captioned "concert vibes."

The girl's identity remains unknown but considering how creepy some people can be on the internet, we expect her name to be public information within an hour.