Bow Wow is capitalizing on a situation that had the internet clowning him last year. A web challenge aptly titled the #BowWowChallenge broke out after a photo that Shad Moss posted on Instagram ended up being plagiarized from another source. The photo showed a private jet with the caption "Travel day." It was later reported by a fan that the actor and rapper was actually sitting next to them on a flight in coach. The meme encouraged people to take photos as if their lives were more luxurious or, simply, cooler than in reality. It was only a matter of time but Bow Wow seems to now be capitalizing on the viral craze, making his own television series around it.

Moss spoke with DJ Drama when the hashtag was brought up, prompting the former child star to claim he has a show confirmed about the #BowWowChallenge that begins filming next month. While he did not provide much insight on the content of the program, he proudly speaks about the venture in an Instagram post of the interview, writing, "I turned a f-ck up into a million dollars." 

Bow Wow describes the day the challenge took off, saying his mother had let him know about the ensuing drama and backed him up, reminding him he never actually wrote that he was traveling on that private jet. Regardless of whether or not Bow Wow is flying coach, first class or private, it's nice to see him focusing on his career and turning negatives into positives. Secure that bag, Shad.