Moral of the story: don't lie on social media about taking a private jet.

After yesterday's debacle where Bow Wow was outed as an online fraud-maker, social media proceeded to ridicule the rapper using the hashtag #BowWowChallenge. The idea is that you appear to be "balling" in some specific capacity, only to later reveal that quite the opposite is actually true. It's even pulled some celebs into the mix, including 50 Cent, who has some shower laughs in store for the unsuspecting emcee. 

These memes are proving, once again, that people have a penchant for the hilarious.

Even President Trump and Vice-President are not safe from the wrath of #BowWowChallenge meme makers.

One user even tried to provide some insight into Bow Wow's reaction.

Don't try and deceive Tweeters and Instagrammers, pure and simple.