Boosie Badazz has not hidden his love for Rihanna. Over the years, he has continually tried to get with the pop star, sliding into her DMs on more than one occasion. Since he's admitted that his messages to the singer have been sent under the influence of a little alcohol, it makes sense that Boosie would follow in Lil Wayne's footsteps, stepping into The Bumbu Room to detail what his perfect day would be like.

In the past, Wayne has filmed a few episodes in The Bumbu Room, revealing who he would rather get with between RiRi and Nicki Minaj. For Boosie, there was no debating on who he'd pick. When speaking about what his perfect day would be like, the rapper detailed how he would wake up to find out he's become a billionaire. "Rihanna call the phone," says Boosie about what happens after he wins the lottery. "'Congratulations on your victory. Good job, Boo.' I hit up bae. 'Man, let me fly you out man. For real, man. I'm fucked up without you RiRi.' And she just fall right there. I fuck it up. Ya heard me?"

He continues by saying that he would buy a private jet for himself and Rihanna. "I done fucked," says Boosie. "Out the gate I done fucked. Beat that pussy up, ya heard me? I done flew my kids in on another jet. Rihanna, step momma, that's how it'd be."

It sounds like Boosie has given this some serious thought. What would your perfect day be like?

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images