Fans love Boosie Badazz, and not only because of his music career. Boosie has earned himself a reputation of being one of the most approachable, down-to-earth artists, unlike others who are often too busy to stop for hugs and handshakes. Recently, Boosie has been celebrating the release of his biopic My Struggle, but even with the milestone has come difficulties.

Yesterday (September 29), we reported on Boosie sharing a video where he pleaded with Drake to help promote his film in Canada. Not long after that video went viral, Instagram once again tracked the rapper down and deleted his page.

The ongoing spat with Instagram is a major thorn in Boosie's side as he has been kicked off the platform numerous times. In addition to lamenting over getting the boot, Boosie also shared a video of himself reacting to a fan's request for a photo.

"I'm in Lennox, motherf*cker just asked me for a picture," said Boosie. "I said, 'You bought my movie?' He say, 'Nah, I watched it on YouTube.' Get the f*ck out my face." Boosie ended his message with a laugh. Regardless, the rapper did recently share that My Struggle brought in $1 million on the day it was released.

Some criticized Boosie by arguing that had he stopped for the photo, maybe the fan would have supported and bought the film. Others stood by Boosie and agreed with him for brushing off the fan for bootlegging his biopic.