Earlier this week, the first part of Bobby Shmurda's phone interview with DJ Vlad aired. We haven't heard much from the GS9 rapper since he got locked up with the majority of his crew a few years ago. However, he's expected to be released from prison next year and his spirits are high. Time is apparently flying for him and he can't wait to be reunited with Rowdy Rebel, Fetty Luciano, and the rest of the 9 when they're all free. During a new portion of the phone call that was published today, Vlad asks Shmurda about his collaboration with Tekashi 6ix9ine, asking if he would collaborate with the rainbow-haired Brooklynite again. His answer was confident.

"Hell motherfucking no," says Bobby Shmurda. The New Yorker had just spoken for a few minutes about his "STOOPID" collaboration with the rapper, noting that he wouldn't entertain the idea of working with Tekashi anymore. Shmurda famously opted for a longer prison sentence so that Rowdy Rebel could spend less time behind bars so it makes sense that he wouldn't agree with all the "snitching" that 6ix9ine has been up to. He goes on to say that 69 isn't really living what he's talking about, referring to him as an "entertainer." 

Watch the fourth part of his interview with DJ Vlad below.