Bobby Shmurda is currently sitting behind bars but is expected to be out of prison by next year. His mother's been providing updates on his well-being since his incarceration and he's been doing rare one-off interviews over the phone. He recently called Vlad and discussed his upcoming release in 2020 as well as taking a higher sentence in order to lessen Rowdy Rebel's sentence.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Bobby Shmurda confirmed that he'll be released from prison in 20 months after already spending a bit over four years. The rapper said that he's looking forward to his release while explaining that he's keeping his head up in jail because "you can't look bad and be bad."

"Shit's flying, I ain't worried about that," Shmurda said about his sentence. "I'm always going to be happy. These mothafuckas, they never gon' kill my spirit, you know how this shit goes. You know, I've been through some shit before. That's why I tell a lot of kids in the streets: you can't look bad and be bad. I see a lot of shit that's going on out there and people get this life misconstrued because people sayin'[...] Our spirits is high and what we doin' is wrong."

He also seemingly added his two cents to Tekashi 6ix9ine's situation while discussing why he took a longer sentence to lessen Rowdy Rebel's bid.

"Yeah 'cause I already went to trial before. But sometimes, I see what's going on out there. I ain't gonna speak on nobody, I hope he ain't doin' what I'm hearin'," he said. "You gotta hold them things down."