In very big news for BlocBoy JB, his Drake-assisted single, “Look Alive” has debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #6. The Memphis-rapper joins Drake’s latest work, “God’s Plan” sitting atop the charts, which was surely popularized further by the viral music video. Drake has been an open fan of BlocBoy’s work, showing interest in his songs while online. The two of them on a song clearly shows the mutual respect they have for one another.

This is a huge look for the young star who has been garnering much attention online. The “Look Alive” video also made waves online and featured scenes of Drake turning up with the squad. Since its release on February 8th, it has garnered over 24 million YouTube views. The dance-centric video has also been gif-ed and meme-ed, resulting in a popular presence on social media platforms.

Drake’s features continue to help rising artists hit superstardom. With a label full of already-capable artists, it’s always a mystery who he will help out next. If the “God’s Plan” video is any reminder, you never know what he can do next. Congratulations to BlocBoy JB on the major milestone!

[via Complex]