You just might see BlocBoy JB sporting a MAGA hat in the near future, as the rapper tweeted out his growing fondness for President Donald Trump on Friday. As coronavirus spreads worldwide, many have taken issue with the ways in which certain government officials have been handling the global pandemic, including the Trump administration in the United States. Most recently, folks have been criticizing Trump for lashing out at an NBC reporter, Peter Alexander, who merely asked the president what he would say to Americans who are scared about coronavirus. Trump began dunking on Alexander, calling him a "terrible reporter" and denouncing him for asking such a "nasty question." Alexander went on to issue an apology, but many were frankly appalled at Trump's disrespectful response.

BlocBoy JB President Donald Trump fondness liking admiration United States government administration no cap TwitterLisa Lake/Getty Images for Roc Nation

However, it appears that a certain Memphis rapper feels differently about the POTUS. It looks like BlocBoy JB, who nearly lost his life last week after jumping off of a second story balcony into a pool and almost hitting the pavement, has taken notice of Trump as of late, and the artist likes how he moves. While he doesn't mention the incident with the reporter specifically, BlocBoy took to Twitter to share his changing views on Trump, telling his followers that he's actually "starting to like" him.

"I’m Starting To Like Trump No Cap," he wrote, followed by an emoji of an actual cap. "Dude Ass To Gangsta." The replies were divided, with some roasting the rapper for aligning himself with Trump, while others actually agreed with him.