DJ Khaled has frequently announced his intentions on keeping all things Father Of Asahd "TOP SECRET!!!!!" By and large, the tireless mogul has succeeded in his endeavors, which is surprising, given his perceived need to document his life in real time. Such dedication should be applauded. Now, however, it would appear that Khaled is allowing for a few well-planned leaks, designed to build hype around his upcoming project. We saw the same practice last year, leading to the infamous "Did the Drake vocals come in yet!" or the iconic moment Future brought one million dollars in cash to the booth.

Today, Big Sean has taken to the Gram to announce his involvement in the project, posting up alongside a curious Asahd Khaled. The young executive producer can be seen fiddling with buttons, perhaps foreshadowing a career choice, perhaps merely the actions of a baby. Either way, Sean looks content to channel his inner "uncle." 

It seems likely that Sean's verse has already been recorded, as evidenced by the Pro Tools display. It has yet to be confirmed whether or not he'll be doing his own thing, or hopping on board for one of Khaled's traditional summer singles. Only time will tell. Stay tuned for Father Of Asahd, which remains, for the most part, cast in the veil of secrecy.