Turning 30 can be a very scary moment in anyone's life, even a rich and famous rapper like Big Sean. However, despite how it may appear at first, life doesn't end at 30. So for his 30th birthday, Big Sean decided to do something special. 

After sharing his heartfelt thoughts on his life turning 30 and how we all need to come together, Sean took himself and Jhene Aiko to Las Vegas in order to celebrate his three decades on Earth. And because it was his birthday, there's no way he was going to travel in coach, opting instead to hop on the PJ in order to make it to his destination.

The couple came dressed to impress as well. The two are pictured here on the runway rocking their finest Fendi outfits, taking relationship goals to a whole other level. 

Of course, you can't forget about the cake. It is a birthday party after all. 

Jhene seemed even more excited about Sean's birthday than he was. She posted plenty of pictures of the two together, leading up to their next destination.

It isn't quite clear from the posts exactly where Sean and Jhene went to celebrate the remainder of his birthday. But we do know this: Jhene found time to change her outfit, and there was a Mario Kart arcade game there. 

The hip-hop power couple are pictured here dancing together in front of the camera, clearly enjoying themselves. While the party appeared to be a bit of a private affair, that seemed just fine for the couple. Happy birthday Sean!