Big Sean turns 30 today, and he's going into the new decade with a fresh perspective. The GOOD Music rapper shared some thoughts about his new life philosophy in a series of Instagram posts just before midnight, revealing a troubling story about a friend of his that recently took his own life, as well as his newfound faith in "togetherness."

"I'm turning 30 and I don't regret nothing I've ever been through in life," Sean began, but went on to lay out a few simple changes he's looking to make in the future. "Taking better care of myself, taking care of my mental, and how I feel. I get caught up in trying to be that boss and take care of everybody around me... I put myself last. I realize if I would have taken better care of myself then I would have been more efficient at everything I was doing."

He then voiced the importance of talking through your problems with the people around you, at which point he mentioned that a friend of his has died by suicide just last week. "I've got problems internalizing a lot, maybe when I'm depressed and going through shit we all go through go through, but one of my homies shot himself in the head last week and did some other horrific things I don't wanna talk about," he said. "Nobody knew what he was going through."

The tragedy helped Sean see that "togetherness" is the key to fighting these battles, from mental health to the recent school shootings. "The point is, we in this together! I'm not just talking about me and him. I'm talking about all of us," he said. "That's why the kids at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, I respect them, because they're making a difference. School shootings, those are our problems... One of the things I'm trying to practice a little bit more is togetherness."

At one point, he mentioned the rumors that can take off when enough people put their energy in the wrong place, likely referencing the recent claims that he cheated on Jhene Aiko, which both he and Aiko maintain are false. "Going into this next chapter in my life... I'm only putting my energy into things I love... things that give it back to me. If people spread things that ain't true about you or rumors, if enough people put energy into it, it can manifest into something," he said. "Put your energy into things you love and believe in. Whatever you're going through, you're not alone. You gotta get yourself right, but remember, we in this together."

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