If you happened to log onto Twitter last night, it is unlikely that you missed the drama ensuing as users trashed Big Sean, exposing him as a cheater in regards to his relationship with Jhené Aiko. News spread that Jhené had unfollowed Sean on her social media platforms and her fans jumped at the opportunity to paint her (ex)-boyfriend as unfaithful. Although Sean and Jhené both responded to the rumors by dispelling any doubt of their love for one another, Twitter jumped the gun and did its thing, going in on Sean for his past allegations of disloyalty to exes Naya Rivera and Ariana Grande and discussing what Jhené will do with the massive tattoo of Sean Don's face on her arm.

Big Sean continues to be one of the biggest trends on Twitter since the drama, with his name appearing in over 850K tweets since last night. While a spike in popularity would normally be something to celebrate, many were dynamic in their rush to clown the Detroit rapper for screwing up another relationship by means of cheating. Gladly, the scandal was just a ruse and there was no unfaithfulness on the side of either party. 

We've collected a series of our favorite tweets from the short-lived scandal before the duo shot down the rumors. Check them out below and let us know if we missed any.