Big Boi's career spans nearly thirty years at this point. Between the work he's done alongside Andre 3000 as Outkast to his solo efforts and other collaborations, his contributions to hip hop and culture are well documented. However, his talents are not limited to music by any means. The rapper's made several appearances in film and TV and it looks like he'll be making another appearance on the big screen shortly.

Big Boi has reportedly been brought on board for the upcoming remake of Supafly, according to Hollywood Reporter. However, Sony did not reveal what role he'll be taking on for the movie. They're still shooting the movie in Atlanta right now with a release date set for June 15th. 

The film is set to star Grown-Ish actor, Trevor Jackson as Youngblood Priest and Jason Mitchell, Straight Outta Compton's Eazy-E will be playing his business partner, EddieThe film will be directed by the legendary Director X.

Big Boi isn't the only Atlanta rapper involved in the movie, though. Sony has tapped Future to curate the soundtrack so you could definitely expect the soundtrack to be just as promising as the film. 

In other Big Boi news, the rapper spoke on the possibilities of a Outkast reunion back in November. While Andre seems like he's retracted from the music game, Big Boi is down to put out a project as Outkast whenever Andre's ready. It's unsure if that'll ever occur but hopefully we'll get an Outkast project in the future.