When Big Boi rolled through in his car at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, many of us were excited to be getting a break from Maroon 5. Adam Levine's shirtless performance may have been a hit with middle-aged women around the world but for hip-hop heads, we were mostly looking forward to Travis Scott and Big Boi's announced appearances. The OutKast member did not disappoint, entertaining his hometown crowd with some extravagant fashions and antics. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Many have looked back on Big Boi's performance as one of the better parts of last night. The score of the actual football game was low and uneventful while Maroon 5 didn't exactly get us out of our seats. Aside from "Sicko Mode" and Big Boi, there wasn't much for us to go crazy about. PETA was less than impressed with the Atlanta's rapper's get-up, criticizing Big Boi for rocking a gigantic fur coat during the Super Bowl. He performed "The Way You Move" to a crowd that was definitely feeling his twang but PETA fired some shots after the fact on Twitter.

"The way you move is horrifying when animals have to DIE for your outfit," wrote the animal rights organization, tagging the artist in their tweet. PETA has long been vocal about their stance on fur, digging into musicians who wear it and urging them to switch to faux fur. Big Boi may not have gotten the memo. He looked fly as hell, though.