At first she tried to avoid the question, but in the end, Big Boy from Big Boy's Neighbourhood was far too pushy to keep away. During a segment titled "Fire or Poop" in which the host holds a cardboard cutout of a prominent figure, he pulled out a palm-sized portrait of Nicki Minaj and asked his guest Bhad Bhabie to give an honest appraisal, based on the Queen's conduct of late, to which teen rapper stated "I'm done with this game." But Big Boy persisted.

Bhad Bhabie was given the chance to "tap out" and circumvent the topic of Nicki Minaj, but she chose not to. Apparently, it goes against her prime convictions to skirt around an issue of any kind. So with the choice to award her a "Poop Sign" or a "Fire Sign" emoji, Bhabie went with the former. Her rationale: "she (Nicki) is doing way too much."

Bhad Bhabie admitted that she was raised a Nicki Minaj fan, but lately, her saltiness has become too much for her to bear. Bhabie referenced the infighting with Cardi B, the issues with Kylie, Travis, baby Stormi, and the Astroworld product launch as reasons to dock her some points. The question now is whether Nicki Minaj will deem it necessary to fire back? 

The full interview airs at 5 pm Today.