Bhad Bhabie is still only 16-years-old and NBA YoungBoy, her rumored love interest, is three years her senior. Despite them not having a large age gap, they are still playing things safe and avoiding any unnecessary drama by broadcasting their speculated romance on social media. If you've kept up with this longstanding story, you'll recall the social media sensation getting YoungBoy's real name tattooed on her hand. After denying it actually said "Kentrell," she embraced it by uploading a new photo, which clearly shows the YB tribute. They've been photographed together in bed and although they've never actually confirmed their coupledom, fans are starting to connect the dots. The latest clue comes in the form of a video that Bhad Bhabie posted to her page, lip-syncing along to her friend's new song "House Arrest Tingz."

Sporting a dark tan and some new black hair, Bhabie kept a big smile on her face as she sang along to the track. "Take me to a place I can't imagine/Victim of heartbreak and I'm so damaged," sings NBA YoungBoy in the background. 

In the comments of the post, Danielle Bregoli also made time to call out one of her haters who accused her of cultural appropriation, something she should be familiar with at this point. "I can't stand white girls that wanna be like us so bad," wrote one person in her inbox. "Girl stop talking shit you follow me," replied the rapper, shoving it in her face.

What do you think the dynamic is between YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Bhad Bhabie?