When used properly, ad-libs can really accelerate the popularity of an artist. Just ask Big Sean or 2 Chainz. These between-the-lines phrases are designed to hype up listeners, adding extra energy to their verses. Ad-libs tend to be funny, serious, or flat-out ridiculous. Recently, acts like Migos have taken ad-libs to the next level. While some rapper ad-libs can be annoying, there are those who've properly honed the ad-lib craft, and the result is usually entertaining. Ad-libs can also function as a tag or trademark for rappers-- the instant you hear one, you know who's on the track. Even better, ad-libs can permeate into the language of hip-hop fans, and thus get used in daily conversations.

To appreciate this, we've constructed a list of the best rapper ad-libs that are currently in the rap game. Ranging from Pusha T's instantly recognizable "Yeggh!" to French Montana's infectious "Hannn."

Which is your favorite?