Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck are as smitten as ever since they reunited in April. The couple was photographed together on Monday at dinner, kissing each other between bites of food at a Malibu restaurant.

Though fans and gossips alike hadn't been able to completely confirm that the former fiancés were back together, these photographs sure seem to seal the deal. The photographs are said to have been taken at Nobu in Malibu for Lopez's sister's birthday. 

Ben & J-Lo in 2003. Chris Weeks/WireImage/Getty Images

Affleck and Lopez began the first leg of their star-studded relationship in 2002. The couple dated for two years before Affleck proposed, though the engagement was cut off months after their set wedding date and the pair split up. People magazine reported that Lopez's mother was said to have been very close with Affleck, stating that she "loved Ben. She was sad when they couldn’t work things out years ago.” The couple cited invasive media attention as one of the main reasons they split years ago. 

Lopez only recently broke up with baseball legend fiancé Alex Rodriguez in April, and weeks later rumors began that she was back with Affleck. These new pictures mark the first time the couple was seen doing something explicitly romantic since these rumors started circulating. 

Are you happy that the couple is back together? Do you have hope they'll make it last this time? Check out the pictures below: