Friday was a wild day for the rumor mill as reports began to surface suggesting that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez were breaking up. The two have been engaged for a while now although as of late, there have been rumblings that A-Rod was having an affair. So far, all of those accusations have been denied and even yesterday, new reports suggested that the two weren't breaking up, after all.

Yesterday, TMZ caught up with A-Rod as he was entering a gym and that's when he said "I'm not single" which should have been everyone's first clue. Now, J-Lo is speaking out on the situation with a brand new Instagram post in which she flashes pictures of herself, as well as some of the recent headlines. At the end of the video, Lopez simply says "dumb" which is yet another hint that the two are doing just fine.

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Sources close to the two noted that on Friday, the relationship was in a very bad place and that's why the rumors initially surfaced. Now, however, it would appear as though the two want to get back on track and figure things out. Upon learning this, we're sure Jose Canseco is going to be upset.

New details continue to emerge, so stay tuned as we will be sure to bring you all of the latest updates. For now, however, you might want to hold off on that DM you've been meaning to send either of these two.

Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez

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