B. Simone is in hot water after multiple people have come forward and exposed her for stealing different bloggers' work and plagiarizing it in her book. The Internet personality is getting dragged left and right after it was revealed that multiple sections in her self-help book, Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want, were copied word-for-word from content creators without any credit or compensation. The self-proclaimed entrepreneur was first called out by Boss Girl Bloggers on Twitter for plagiarizing her own work, and she came through with the receipts.

b simone book plagiarism expose accusation bloggers work steal Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You WantParas Griffin/Getty Images for Revolt

"Would love for @TheBSimone to STOP taking small content creators’ hardwork and selling it as her own!!!" the blogger wrote, along with side-by-side photos of her own list, titled "50 Questions To Find Your Best Self," and the identical page in B. Simone's book. "Disgusting. This is not entrepreneurship. This is PLAGIARIZING." The same user followed this tweet up with some clearer photos, saying, "My content & her book she’s selling. Word for word. Gross."


Another blogger replied to the tweet with a photo from a different page in B. Simone's book, showing that it had been stolen from the Happiness Planner.


"Wow, just a look through her twitter and she has also plagerized [sic] an identical page from @happinessplannr too..." she wrote. After that, yet another Twitter user dropped some receipts of B. Simone's plagiarism, this time stealing a "Journal Prompts For Self Discovery" list from The Morning Buzz Blog.


"Went on Pinterest and found this exact page..." the user said. B. Simone's manager, Mary Seats AKA Mz. Skittlez, has responded to the controversy, although it's unclear where on Instagram her comment was made. In her response, Mz. Skittlez tried to place the blame on the company that designed the book. "Definitely a mistake you have to imagine she hired a design company," she wrote. "Check your DMs. We are in a lawsuit with the firm.”


B. Simone was already getting lit up last week after she said she could never date a man with a 9-5 job because she needed someone with a similar lifestyle to hers. She later clarified that she does not look down on people who work regular hours, but that she would prefer to date an entrepreneur like herself.