B. Simone became a hot topic across twitter this morning when comments she made during a recent interview with Nick Cannon went viral. The personality was speaking on her love life, and who she would like to date men-wise with Cannon, when she listed the qualities she's looking for, which included a man who holds his own as entrepreneur and does not work your average 9-5.

The reactions to these comments proved unfavorable, as many fans questioned how B. Simone could make her dating credentials so lofty, when she herself used to be homeless, and had almost nothing in her bank account. It seems the backlash finally got to B. Simone as she hopped on an IG Live session with LightSkinKeisha to expand on her initial comments and explain her thought process.

"I am the only entrepreneur in my family, you think I'm saying fuck family?" she questions. "It's deeper than scheduling and flexibility. It's a mindset."

Simone continues: "You cannot build generational wealth working for somebody. There is nothing wrong working for somebody, everybody doesn't want to be an entrepreneur, but I know my goals for myself and my future family, and I can only reach those goals by being with and marrying an entrepreneur."

The two go on to say that there's a double standard when it comes to men, who are seemingly allowed to state their preferences outright without any risk of criticism.

Check out the clip from the IG Live captured by TSR below.