While most of us already know that B. Simone's ideal man = DaBaby, Nick Cannon still decided to grill the TV personality on the traits she looks for in a would-be partner during an interview. Her answers have resulted in some strong twitter reactions, making her trend this morning across the platform.

In the interview, which was actually conducted two weeks ago but is receiving renewed life thanks to a clip that The Shade Room shared (below), finds B. Simone talking about her love life and the possibility of going on a blind date (set up by Cannon). When Cannon presses B. Simone about what she wants in her man, Simone states, "He can't have a 9-5," she continues, "he can be a hustling entrepreneur," before confirming with Cannon that she wants someone who is "CEO status."


She continued, "I think entrepreneurs should date entrepreneurs," before claiming that anyone else would not understand her lifestyle. Now that the public has zeroed in on these remarks, they have things to say. Check out some of the reactions across twitter this morning in response to B. Simone's ideal man wishlist.