In 2016, Azealia Banks accused Russell Crowe of spitting on her, calling her the n-word and choking her. However, other guests who were at the party didn't back up her claim. She filed a police report against Crowe but an Los Angeles D.A. rejected the case. Last month, she announced that she'll be opening up a crowdfunding campaign in order to fund her possible lawsuit against Russell Crowe. More than a month later, it's reported that she abandoned the GoFundMe campaign.

According to TheBlast, Azealia Banks' appears to have given up on her GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to sue Russell Crowe over the 2016 incident. They say that Banks hasn't filled the proper information to receive her payout from the campaign. Her campaign will remain inactive until she does.

At this point, Banks' campaign hasn't been suspended or taken down but the ability to donate money has been put on hold. The last donation she received was 21 days a go. 

After launching her "Sue Crowe For Spitting On AB" campaign on June 24th, she has raised $2,903 out of her goal of $100K.

Aside from her GoFundMe campaign, Azealia Banks' has had more difficulties over the past few weeks. Following her "Wild N Out" debacle, she announced that her album Fantasea II was cancelled and that she'll release new music when she feels like it.