Azealia Banks has decided to put her upcoming album, Fantasea II: The Second Wave, on ice. This news comes after the heated exchanges on social media prompted by the rapper venting about her negative experience on the set of Wild'n Out. Banks shared the bad news with her fans through her Instagram account: “Album is canceled,” she wrote in one of her IG stories. “I need some time to relax and bounce on dick. I’ll release new music when I feel like it…”

Her social media beef with Wildn' Out's Nick Cannon seems to have gotten out of hand. The pair entertained the masses with a shady exchange and Banks even fired some shots at his fans. Others hopped into the drama for clarification. Two of the show's cast members refuted Azealia's claims. According to Tim Chantarangsu AKA Timothy DeLaGhetto, Banks "is trippin."

Emmanuel Hudson had a few more words for the lyricist, calling her out for being a "weak contestant". He also took a jab at her music, calling it the track she performed a "Forever 21 shopping song."

Whether Azealia Banks was set up or not, it seems like the artist has a knack for sabotaging her release dates. Hopefully, she can keep it moving like the last time her material was held back. Fans can still enjoy the shelved album's previously released singles, "Treasure Island" and "Anna Wintour."