Examining America's prison system and its connection to slavery, "13th," the new documentary from Ava DuVernay, was released today exclusively on Netflix. Just as Black Lives Matter comes to the forefront of all national discussion (including the US Presidential race), this documentary arrives to provide a horrifying historical context for the woes of racism in 2016. This critically-acclaimed documentary throws shade on both American political parties, demonstrating their guilt in creating a new system of slavery, one that covertly utilizes the mass arrests of black and brown men to earn profit for corporations. Chicago OG Common Sense has already co-signed DuVernay's powerful doc.

The documentary's creator, Ava DuVernay, is already a queen in the industry, having directed the 2014 MLK-biopic "Selma," which is the first film directed by a black woman to be nominated for Best Picture at The Oscars. Do yourself a favor - do the human race a favor - and watch this documentary whenever you can. See the trailer for "13th" below.