A$AP Rocky's arrest and detainment in Sweden has been one of the biggest stories in hip-hop this year and fans are rightfully upset about the situation. It all started when a video circulated of Rocky and his crew being approached by a young man on the street who was harassing them and wouldn't leave them alone. The video ends with Rocky taking care of the young man and as we all know by now, Rocky was eventually arrested. Swedish authorities have refused to release Rocky as they believe he is a flight risk. Even President Donald Trump has gotten involved and wants to help bring the rapper home.

According to TMZ, Swedish prosecutors have now cleared Rocky's attacker as they say he was simply acting in self-defense. The man actually whipped his headphones at Rocky's bodyguard and cut his head. What's peculiar about this ruling is that the bodyguard was cleared and never charged. This means prosecutors don't think the bodyguard did anything wrong, although he did enough to make the man act in self-defense. It's a huge contradiction that some people are scratching their heads over.

Rocky has yet to be charged although it's believed he will be hit with aggravated assault which could get him up to six years in prison.