It appeared as though we would soon be getting some positive news regarding A$AP Rocky's arrest in Sweden after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tried to work their magic at the White House, working with Donald Trump to free the Harlem rapper. Unfortunately, their efforts have not yet paid off because according to new reports, prosecutors have been pushing for the AWGE artist to remain in jail for the time being. After that was considered, a judge reportedly decided today that A$AP Rocky is considered a flight risk and he will indeed be kept until further notice.

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When he was first detained in Sweden, a timeline of two weeks was given until Rocky would be released from jail. He is currently facing a total of six years in the can for assault but as the investigation is ongoing, he would be kept for a couple of weeks in conditions that were supposedly unliveable. Now though, TMZ is reporting that the rapper will be held until Thursday at the earliest, keeping him in jail for another six days. Rocky is believed to be a flight risk and prosecutors wish to continue their investigation before making a final decision on whether or not to follow through with Rocky's indictment. 

After his arrest at the beginning of this month, Flacko shared videos showing that he acted in self-defense when two men followed him and his crew around Stockholm and harassed passersby. 

Continue to spread the news about A$AP Rocky and let's pray that he gets out soon.

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