It hasn't been the easiest year for A$AP Rocky. Things started out pretty quietly for the Harlem superstar, laying low and continuing to perfect his musical skill. At this point, the rapper has put in his 10,000 hours, proving to be one of the best (and most creative) members of the hip-hop community. Each time he releases a new song or video, it's a must-watch. The same can be said for his social uploads. After his debacle in Sweden, Rocky is back to posting updates online and lately, he's been experimenting with different designs on his nails. Completing his look today, he painted two realistic eyeballs onto his index fingernails, showing all of his fans that he's got eyes all over the place.

When most people want to come across as know-it-alls, they say they have eyes in the back of their head. Flacko Jodye isn't with that though. Instead, he's rocking some crazy blue eyes on his nails, posting an image of his new design in the final slide of his fit pic gallery today. Completing the look, the self-proclaimed Pretty Motherfucker wore a flannel shirt, Y-3 track pants, a yellow Goyard bag, and a white tee underneath.

There is no arguing that Rocky is one of the jiggiest dudes in the entire world. Moments like this remind us of his superior style and class.