The self-appointed Pretty Motherfucker always makes sure he's looking his best. Even on an off day, A$AP Rocky is bound to break a few necks when he walks down the street. The rapper has had himself a difficult year thus far, spending a month in a Swedish jail for assault and now that he's back home, he's ensuring that he has enough content to remind the fans he's not ignoring them. Last week, he showed off his multi-colour nail polish and now, he once again looks enamoured by the work he had done on his digits.

Flacko Jodye wears a Stüssy top in the photos, which are meant to facilitate a flexing moment for Rocky. In the third photo, a glimpse of the rapper's pants can be seen as he lifts up one leg to flex his sneakers. The following shot makes it clear that Rocky still cares a lot about his manicured nails. While sitting down in the car, Flacko can be seen looking down at his hands, admiring the work his stylist put in on him. 

Clearly A$AP Rocky is on his nail polish tip right now and whatever he does, a large number of people are bound to follow. Will you be painting your nails this weekend?