At the age of 26, A$AP Mob founder A$AP Yams passed away after an accidental drug overdose. His death impacted the entire hip-hop world but his closest friends and family, including A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, and the rest of the crew felt it the hardest. Rocky took some time to process his emotions, honing in on his skills as a music producer and coming through with his most experimental work to date, Testing. The world-renowned recording artist has expressed just how much Yams meant to him and, on what would have been the man's thirtieth birthday, Flacko delivered some hilarious moments with his mentor.

John Ricard/BET/Getty Images

The entire AWGE collective is celebrating A$AP Yams' birthday today and A$AP Rocky did so by digging deep in the archives for a previously never-before-seen video of Yams frolicking about in London, getting lost and finally finding his group after he had a few drinks. "BACKSTORY BEHIND THIS VIDEO IZ WE LOST YAMS IN LONDON FOR HOURS , WE RANDOMLY FOUND HIM HOURS LATER BUT HE WAS TOO LIT TO BE UPSET AT BY THEN," wrote Flacko in his caption, letting us all know what went down.

Yamborghini appears to explain where he's been at, speaking about a man he was chilling with "the whole night" but not exactly getting his thoughts across cohesively since, you know, he's pretty lit. Rest in peace, Yams. Happy birthday.