When Ari Lennox lost her chance at winning the Best Album/Mixtape of the year at the recent Soul Train Awards, she headed to Twitter to express her frustration. "I just don’t understand. At all actually. But cool,” she wrote. “I want this sh*t way more than it wants me. I’m learning I have to stop caring.” Because Lizzo won over Ari, people translated her anger into hate for the "Truth Hurts" singer and now Ari is back with more comments making it clear that it's not the case. 

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

The miscommunication has seemingly hit another level since those who aren't for Lizzo are using Ari's distaste for her loss as fuel to body shame Lizzo and Ari isn't for it. "I know this is late but I’m tired!!! Stop using my name and my previous rant to bash and body shame Lizzo. For the last time my previous rant was no diss to her. I’m not here for that ignorant shit and want no inclusion!!!" she wrote. The "Shea Butter Baby" singer called the spiral of events "contradicting and ignorant." 

"I’m tired of black women being tried. How many ways can you tell us that you don’t want us to be comfortable in our skin?" she added in another tweet. It's safe to say Ari has mad love for Lizzo but was simply hurt that her beloved tape didn't pull in the recognition she believes it deserved.

"It’s not an ungrateful energy. It’s not ego. I’m sorry people view my tweets in that manner," she previously wrote. "I just really cared about this one. If ball players can get upset about losing so can I. This was simply something I’ve always wanted.”